• plovio


Plovio disrupts supply chains to remove inherent inefficiencies and leverages its skills and network to pass the benefits upwards and downwards in the supply chain. Identification of industries and subsequently addressable gaps which can be leveraged is core to the company.

Strong Relationships

The Company has strong network relationships with channel partners across industries and looks to leverage these skills while benefitting high value goods manufacturers. The firm’s ability to mitigate liquidity risk for sellers, helps in stronger bargaining power throughout the value chain

Risk Framework

Understanding of risk framework and identification of key industries with addressable gaps in supply chain, helps the company in securing projects with upside in profits and minimal risks of execution.


A few industries where the firm believes it is possible are mentioned below:

The value chain between builder and retail buyers is highly dispersed leading to pricing inefficiencies and poor end user experience. Streamlining through disintermediation provides greater benefit to all value chain participants.

Cosmetics is a fast growing market expanding at roughly 12-15%. End user demand leaves significant supply gap and streamlining chain through strategic distribution network creates scope value accretion for global manufacturers looking to enter India.